Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This is the word of H. as transcribed this afternoon

There is peace, and there is war—
the near and far colliding,
the pleroma of stars and planets
opposed to our very undertakings.
The sun god Huizilopochtli
whispered that to me in the blue twilight:
he is sorry for the crude tears, the blank
crystals—he’ll wipe our faces
if we want. There’s always
time on this earth, he says,
in between the solid smoke
he breathes. This jefe from out west
the war god, too, has told me
there is no peace, there is only war
and the shattered shades of love
we live though in dreams. Look
he says, there is the black lake.
go to it. Watch its power in winter.
Watch the arms of oak and maple
shade the sky before sundown.
There is peace at the end of the sun.
There is peace in the green flash
between frantic moments of daylight.

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