Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ohio Garden Season Matrix

In this season, this month,
the root of my life has grown
in the earth, a pleasure to behold--
once again, facing spring I cling
to dirt like a new vegetable
waiting to be nourished.

The simple mask of God hasn't appeared.
Blind to the sun, I sit
in the garden waiting to be plucked,
believing in rescue, believing in green hope.
Reassured by warm light on my face

spring is right in planting in my brain
a crazy seed that blooms like a blue
morning glory. I continue to call your name--
Darrell Dillon, lost to the flames of some unknown,
your curtain call caught us all off guard.

Now in this chasm of love, I believe
we were kids when we last spoke.
Now the common crab-grass fades,
the journey Westward has ended

and the one God who rests
in the clouds can speak your name.


William D. (Rick) Razo said...

This is wonderful elegy to Darrell. I thank you for it.

IndieDan said...

I'm wondering if this is the same Darrell Dillon who attended UNM in 2005.

He was Bi-polar and struggled with alcoholism.

We were roommates in an apartment in Colorado Springs for several years (where I reside now).
We were very good friends, but over the past several years I have not been able to track him down.

If this is the same Darrell Dillon, I'd like to know what happened!

I still have a humorous voicemail on my phone from Darrell that I listen to every once in a while.

Daren Daniels (